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Brian Johnson

Welcome to BSJ Designs!  I am Brian Johnson, sole owner and operator of BSJ Designs.  I have over 25 years of experience as a goldsmith and custom designer.  I also have over 8 years of CAD/CAM design and operating experience.  This combination makes BSJ Designs the ideal choice for your CAD/CAM needs.  Utilizing the latest Gemvision Matrix software and a Gemvision RevoB mill, your designs not only come to life, but are created in the highest accuracy.

Located in Columbus, OH, where the cost of living and the cost of doing business are both low, we are able to pass those savings along to you.  Additionally, being centrally located in the Mid-West, our Fed-Ex shipping rates are on average lower as well.                                         Brian Johnson


Services & Pricing

  • CAD (Computer-Aided Design) service:

    Whether your design idea is a simple doodle on a napkin, or a skillfully executed drafting, BSJ Designs can help you make it a reality. Using the latest Gemvision Matrix software, your design will be created. Then, photo realistic renderings will be generated and emailed to you for approval. The average time to get images is about one week. Of course this time can vary depending on the complexity of the design. All designs are considered the copyrighted material of the person or company that contacted BSJ Designs for services. They are only available for reproduction by that person or company.

    CAD design pricing:

    Simple designs: $30 to $60 (applies to most bands)
    Medium difficulty designs: $60 to $120 (applies to most eng rings)
    Complex and organic designs: $120+

  • CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) service:

    Have you already created the CAD file yourself, and just need it milled? No problem! At BSJ Designs, any CAD file can be imported into Matrix for milling on our Gemvision Revo mill. Your model/design will be analyzed, checked, and, if necessary, suggestions will be made to ensure your model/design will mill properly. Whether you created the file, or we did, pricing for most milling is as follows:

    2-sided milling (this includes most pendants, charms, etc.): $30 and up

    2-sided plus rotary (most rings fall into this category): $60 and up

    Extra large/wide designs, complex and additional milling operations increase the cost.

    Before milling begins, you will be emailed a quote for approval. If BSJ Designs created the CAD file for you, and the design changed significantly since the original quote, this portion of the quote may be different than originally given.

  • Payment and Shipping:

    CAD: Before the images are emailed, a credit card must be placed on file. After the images are sent to you for approval, you have 2 weeks to notify us of any changes you would like made, or to inform us to proceed with milling. If we do not hear from you in 2 weeks, we will send you an email notifying you that your card will be charged. If we do receive a proceed to mill from you, the CAD, milling, and shipping charges will all be charged at once, when the wax is shipped.

    Milling: Whether we are milling your file, or a file we generated, charges must be paid in full before shipment of your wax.

    Shipping: At the time we quote your job, shipping charges will also be quoted. You will only be charged what we are charged for Fed-Ex shipping service.

    Payment methods accepted: Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX.


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